Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I would like to take this occasion of our nation's anniversary to wish all my friends in this group a HAPPY LIBERATION! And to urge us altogether to think about our own spiritual "liberation". When is that going to happen? More and more I have heard of young people having serious illnesses or dying young. The other day I reading the papers of a young Malay 30 plus customs officer having stroke and now unable to feed the family. His wife is not working and have 2 young children. another insurance agent's younger brother, also 30 plus, now has kidney failure and every month incurring thousands of dollars for treatment and kidney dialysis. And he only has RM30k odd insurance coverage. That's not going to be enough for the rest of his life. His elder brother died suddenly some years back (40 years plus) leaving the wife and children to fend for themselves. And also stories of young people having cancer. I am sure you have heard of more such stories. There's a saying that when things go smoothly in your life, you don't care much about the dharma. It is only when things suddenly go wrong, or life gets a terrible shaking, then this serves as "alarm clocks" to wake up and start practising. I do know about the dharma but sometimes also act as if I don't give any heed about it. So, I am also terrible , and if I am not careful, I will also get one of these "alarm clocks". Age is also catching up with me. Like my parents, they seemed resigned to the fact that they are old and will inevitably get some diseases/illnesses. I know her feelings when my mother said these words to me. Indirectly, they are just waiting for their time todie. I wished then that I could do something. But at this moment, I am quite helpless myself. So, I feel sort of anguish at that moment. You know what I mean? So, please reflect on these as we celebrate independence and ... enjoy the fireworks while it lasts!

Cheers and May the blessings of the Triple Gem be with all citizens and every sentient beings as well!

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