Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Buddha's contact number

A few things came to my mind and would like to share with you:-Pure Land , Zen and Vajrayana are diferent dharma doors and if we are not conversant enough in them, we can easily confuse and criticise the others. But if we truely understand, none of these contradict the others. All the teachings of the Buddha does not contradict the others. That's basically the essense of the Lam Rim teachings. Whether you recite "Amituofo"or "Om Mani Peme Hung", both are "phone numbers" we dial into to reach or "contact" the Buddhas. I like to use this analogy: The Buddhas' Headquarter has a lotof phone numbers where upon sentient beings can contact them. And unfortunately people tend to makethe "phone number" they choose as the General/MainLine. But actually there is no main line. The "phone number" you choose is not necessarily more important than the phone number I choose and vice-versa. You choose which phone line you are comfortable with and use it. The important thing is to pick up the phone and dial the number, not continue playing with the phone device. Only then can we "contact" the Buddhas or their assistants, i.e the Bodhisattvas and Sravakas.

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