Thursday, July 5, 2007

My friend's first published book

This is such a precious piece of work that I think I should share it here, irrespective of lineage. I think everyone can benefit from it. As his friend, I have waited for "ages" to see his name on the front coverof a Buddhist book. I have encouraged him in the past to write some books. There is so much knowledge andexperience in this guy that it would be a waste for usnot to get some benefit out from him. What I am today,in terms of my spiritual knowledge and connections, isalso partly due to him. Even now, when I want to checkcertain things on dharma or get another perspective ofan issue, it is him I turn to. So, I often get a fair"check and balance" view. Not just listen to one side.So, out of this gratitude, and this is the small thingthat I can do in return is to share this email postedby himself to all of you here. Even if you are not from Drikung Kagyu, not to worry.Reading life stories of other lineage saints can be of tremendous benefit. For me, all these other Gurus comefrom my Guru. So, it strengthens my own devotion.That's how I see it. As I have mentioned to a fewfriends, devotion is not just a feeling. If it is justfeeling, it is like a house built on weak soil, itwill collapse anytime. I believe reading Namtars ofenlightened saints will supplement our devotion andmeditation, & gradually we will be able to actuallysee our Guru as a Buddha. Not just a feel or beliefthing.So, to end my "rambling", I am happy to see this work,which is co-written together with Khenpo Ts├╝ltrimTenzin.


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