Thursday, January 4, 2007

Part 1: Prior to going to Maireya Retreat

Days before my day of departure, i.e. 25th December 2006, I was already felling excited. Yet at the same time feeling uncertain how it will be. I had many thoughts in my will I react on my first sight of Lama Zopa, How will he react upon meeting me? Maybe due to my "misdeeds" and all the wrongs I have done, maybe he would scold me there and then to purify me? And I have also been thinking of the gift that I was going to give him. I already thought of the gifts a month ago. I thought of a ".....something...." and topped with "something" to signify my high regard for LZR. haha...I'm sorry I cannot disclose what it is here because it can be silly to some people. But to me, that is how I see Lama Zopa...sort of a spiritual super super enlightened being!

So, I bought the "...something..." at Gurney Plaza (Parkson) but later discovered Jaya Jusco sold the same thing at a cheaper price. But it's only a few ringgit difference, so it's ok! But then, now I worry whether Rinpoche would accept my gift or not. It's will be my very first face to face meeting with him - who wouldn't be worried? I am reminded that the first meeting with a guru is the most important thing and will determine how much teachings and realisations you will receive from him. Many people just missed that vital first meeting. So, I thought it was important I got it correct!

Anyway, the day was fast approaching. I had the visa done, I had the ticket bought, thought of buying a smaller luggage - but then discovered it would not be enough to contain all the things I need to bring with me. I also bought a wool long john from one of the winter clothing shop at the new Queensbay Mall. I was not sure if I needed wool but then luckily my decision was correct. Even with wool, I still felt cold in the nights and early mornings. Very chilly!

Aunty Betty asked me to get a mala for her and also 1 or 2 non-wooden Buddha statues. She said about 3-4 inches height. I am not sure if I can get the Buddha statues because it can be heavy, and anyway not sure if will have time. In the end, I only manage to get her a mala. But the special thing is this mala is blessed by Rinpoche. My aunty is very lucky.

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